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Oki Dokie

Monsters are coming and your time is running out! Fight the evil Monsters with brains and fingers in this epic arcade game. Hammer (Tap) all the scary red monster heads before time runs out and unlock faster and scarier levels .Watch for those red skulls! Tapping them ends your journey.

Test your tapping and response skills with this game and beat your friends' scores. Create a Team for your school, college or gang and take on teams from around the world. Scout, plan, tap, and then



  • To complete a level, destroy all the red faces before the red fluid flows out of the faces.
  • Don’t touch the skull, as this ends the game.
  • Every 80 points, you receive an hourglass. Hourglass refills the red fluid in the faces when pressed and give you more time.

Reliable & Experienced

Stay tuned. Every update comes with more surprises! Happy tapping!

You can download our game from the following link also: